It Starts With Why

Our Mission

to Assist parents with Christian training of children for life and eternity,

to Provide academic excellence in the light of God’s Word;

and to Reflect the light of Jesus in the community and beyond.

Why We Do What We Do

Mount Olive’s mission is to prepare children for life and eternity. The traits we seek to develop in children are those we hold ourselves to (love for God, honesty, integrity, hard work, thankfulness).

Our curriculum is designed to first focus on the students as people with individual gifts and abilities. Then, we focus on their learning so they are solidly prepared to be a contributing member of society, constantly showing the love of Jesus through their words and actions.

Self-worth comes from knowing whose you are.

Confidence Rooted In Identity

When kids think their worth is based on things they do, their confidence is shaky

When kids understand how God views them and how he’s proven his love for them, they can maintain a healthy perspective of themselves and others. It allows them to peacefully and confidently live their lives, regardless of the opinions or expectations of others.

Kids thrive in a safe community.

A Safe Community

Mount Olive School is a place that provides a safe and nurturing community for children to thrive. At our school, we understand the importance of safety in a child's life.

Social safety is a top priority at Mt. Olive School. Here, children have the opportunity to explore their interests, whether that means trying out a new sport, joining robotics, or singing in the choir. Our students encourage each other and lift each other up, creating a positive and supportive social environment where every child can grow and develop. Certainly, our school is not without sin. However, we use Law and Gospel to correct and build up our students and remind them of Jesus’ work and love for them.

Physical safety is of utmost importance to us as well. We have carefully designed our school facilities with safe playground equipment, and security cameras are in place to ensure the well-being of our students. Mount Olive teachers and leaders are also trained, and regularly study, school safety and intruder drills so that should something terrible happen, we’re as ready as possible. With these measures, parents can have peace of mind, knowing their children are in a secure and protected environment.

Moreover, Mount Olive School values spiritual safety. Your children will be surrounded by people of good character. We are dedicated to working together to nurture the next generation, guiding them to follow Christ and instilling the values and principles to help them navigate life's journey. At Mount Olive School, we strive to create an atmosphere where children learn and grow academically and develop a strong moral and spiritual foundation.

A community within a community.

Mount Olive Is A Member Of Fox Valley Lutheran Schools

Mount Olive Lutheran School is committed to ongoing improvement for the benefit of the students. That's why Mount Olive is a Fox Valley Lutheran School (FVLS) member. FVLS is a partnership of 24 Lutheran Schools that span the Fox River Valley constituents of 18 elementary schools, and 5 child care centers. This partnership provides ample opportunity for curriculum development, professional development, and joint mission work funding. About 90% of Mount Olive graduates remain in FVL Schools and attend Fox Valley Lutheran High School for their Grades 9-12 education.

As a member of FVLS, Mount Olive families enjoy activities with other FVL member schools such as:

  • Summer STEM, athletic, and art camps.
  • Cheer and dance camps
  • Musicals and Theater Plays
  • Other Fellowship Opportunities

What Are You Waiting For?

Join a school that shares your faith, values, and supports strong academics!

Fun And Learning

In preschool, teaching effectively is arguably more important than at any other time in a child’s education because it is when the child’s educational foundation is established. A key to Mount Olive's success is its ability to blend fun and learning in early education—when children are curious, eager to learn, and when their minds are developing rapidly.

Academics in Preschool may have some importance, and we’ll address that for sure, but primarily we are focused on fun, social growth, experiences, developing structure and orderliness, appropriateness, and more!

At Mt. Olive Lutheran School, we use singing, dancing, and games to help children develop and to make learning fun and interesting. Observe Mount Olive preschool, and you’ll struggle to find the line between learning and fun!