Instruction in God’s Word and Lutheran doctrine based on the Word occurs daily. Bible stories and historical lessons using the Christ-Light series are taught in all grades. Instruction from Dr. Martin Luther’s Catechism begins in grade five. In preparation for confirmation, the pastors teach the seventh and eighth grade Catechism classes. Memorization of Bible passages, the chief parts of the catechism, and selected hymns are also part of the curriculum.

Language Arts

The students progress from readiness in kindergarten, through reading instruction, to the study of literature in grades 5-8. Instruction in English grammar and composition, as well as spelling, is included in the curriculum.

Social Studies

Social Studies classes begin with the basic relationships of family, neighbors, and communities. Wisconsin History is taught in fourth grade. World Geography, Western and Eastern Hemispheres and United States History comprise the content in grades 5-8.


Instructions begin with the basic principles of nature. They progress through the areas of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science.


Instruction in mathematics provides a balanced emphasis on recall of facts and definitions, the use of algorithms, and strategies for problem solving. At all grade levels real life math problems are included in instruction.


In grades 5-8 the Spanish teacher conducts formal classes, progressing through the equivalent of Spanish 1. Students may, after four years of instruction, test out of high school Spanish 1.

Physical Education

The kindergarten through eighth grade program is designed to provide a progressive education that is aimed at helping boys and girls to build fitness, learn a broad variety of neuro-muscular skills, acquire a body of knowledge about physical activity, and develop God pleasing attitudes and behaviors.


The students receive training in basic computer functions, such as keyboarding, presentations, multimedia, and other beneficial applications. The students learn to use desktop computers and Chromebooks. Our computers, in connection with assorted other technology, are used for instruction across the curriculum.


Art activities at every grade level are planned to offer instruction in the basic art principles and to provide a broad range of outlets for creative self-expression. Students use a variety of media in projects appropriate to developmental levels. Various master artists are introduced, along with other studies in art history.

Music and Choir

Regular music classes include instruction in theory as well as active singing. One choir is comprised of 5th and 7th graders. The other choir is comprised of 6th and 8th graders. Groups of students regularly sing in worship services throughout the school year.

Special Education

Concerns about a child’s achievement and ability are be referred to the resource teacher by parents, teacher or principal. Children have the opportunity then for special help when arrangements are made. Parents, teacher, and students work together closely as the child strives for academic competence at his/her level.